EAM House

Startıng Date
Scale Raw
250 m²
<1000 m²

The design shaped by the perimeters of the land provides a different world as one steps through the stone walls that are confining the house from the outside. The inner shaded green garden is situated in the middle, surrounded by the guest quarters next to the entry, opposite the living space on the right.
The stones of the remains belonging to the old Greek house have been reused in the walls and interior of the new house. The static effect of the stonewalls have been minimized by the dynamic feel of the folding, sliding panels on the ground floor.

All the living spaces such as kitchen, living room, and master bedroom have sliding-folding glass doors from floor to ceiling to provide fluency between the interior and the exterior. A more rigid shape on the first floor replaces the undefined border on the ground floor.

Design Team:
Ayça Taylan, Arın Tanrıkulu, Sezen Bilge

Statical Project:
HF Karataş
Mechanical Project:
Atamen Engineering
Electrical Project:
AKI Elektrik Mühendislik
General Contractor:
Cengiz Uziş
3D Rendering:
Artı Eksi Sıfır Mimarlık ve Görselleştirme
Cemal Emden