Ataşehir Housing Project

Startıng Date
Scale Raw
105000 m²
>100000 m²

This is a project submitted to a competition by invitation only on the last phase of TOKI land development (Directorate of Public Housing) in western Ataşehir. Approximately 1,600 dwellings are envisaged for a total area of 105,000 square meters. In order to achieve continuity in pedestrian flow in each parcel, various pedestrian connections are created at different levels. The traffic problem is eliminated by creating parking garages in the lower levels of the parcels.

The blind wall of the main tower in the project, which was intended to have a symbolic character in this new residential area created by the surrounding highways, is designed in a special way to reduce the highway noise and the northern effect. 
The entirety of the project complies with the LEED criteria with respect to ecological norms. Through the creation of an artificial lagoon in the recreational area owned by the Municipality, this area is rendered an inner garden character.

Design Team:
Ayçen Seyman, Ezgi Koçak, Naz Beykan, Selin Gürel